Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wilkie Collins -The Women in White

I have long been a huge fan of Charles Dickens and felt it was about time I read one of the works by his longtime best friend, Wilkie Collins. I am part way through Collins, The Women in White, his fifth and reportedly his best novel.

So who was Wilkie Collins? The author who started detective fiction, the ending cliffhanger and maybe modern day detective mystery novels. Collins novel, The Women in White, I referenced above, often pops up on lists of 100 greatest novels, and so far, half way through, I have not been disappointed. Next time you find a good detective mystery or a story with a super cliffhanger thank Wilkie.

Wilkie Collins died at 65 after years of battling gout and drug problems related to pain meds he took for the gout. Wow, did that hit home. I have been battling gout problems for years. Think I will read some more of his stuff but will stay away from reading any more about his sufferings from gout.

One last note, The Women in White, is a Kindle free download.

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