Friday, March 26, 2010

Justice in the Old West –or- A Day in Dodge City Court

Ran across this doing some research today--thought it was too good to pass up!

From—Great Gunfighters of the Kansas Cowtowns 1867-1886, page 171,
Nyle H. Miller and Joseph W. Snell

“The Marshal will preserve strict order,” said the Judge. “Any person caught throwing turnips, cigar stumps, beets, or old quids of tobacco at this court, will be immediately arranged before this bar of justice.” The Policeman Joe W. Mason looked savagely at the mob in attendance, hitched his ivory handle a little to the left and adjusted his moustache. “Trot out the wicked and unfortunate, and let the cotillion commence,” said his Honor.

Ah—the good old beet and turnip throwing days. How I miss them.
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