Sunday, November 30, 2008

Excerpt of YA Novel

WOW-Have I got a streak of lazy going on lately. With thanksgiving and my beloved Wyoming cowboys looking for a new football coach I have written very little, actually none, in the past week. I did spend some time ordering some Christmas presents on-line. Not really a big fan of huge black Friday crowds so I shopped from my easy chair.
I am back to working on my young adult, modern time, western. Thought I would post an excerpt so here goes—enjoy. But as the old cowboy saying goes, “I ain’t about to give any thing away, for free that is.”

From Chapter 2 of - Occurrence at Hell’s Half Acre Wyoming

Jimmy Bison-Man and Robert Lincoln sat shivering in the back of a small, crumbling cave tucked away on the west side of the canyons of Hell’s Half-Acre Wyoming. Shivering from the early morning summer cold, and what they didn’t want to admit, fear. Fear of what, of things they didn’t know? It wasn’t the cave the darkness the bats or the howling winds, nothing to do with their present living accommodations; it was about who they were and where they were going, these two big city Indian boys. Maybe, just maybe this cave, this canyon and their lives were supposed to be together, tied together by fate through their elders generations ago.

Silently they sat looked at each other across a very small nearly smokeless Sage wood fire. Both were thinking and probably thinking the same thing, “What are we doing here?” Each knew the answer, but were there really great treasures or anything else here, or was this just imagination, running wild, in the heads of two seventeen year olds? Silence padlocked them in the cave as they looked into the glowing fire, then at each other, and reluctantly out into the vast badlands of Hell’s Half Acre. And they listened, listened to the eerie sounds of the wind and it’s oowoo, oowoo howl as it turned and talked its way in, out and through the canyons, caverns, caves and spires of this Wyoming wasteland, all the time wishing they could magically vanish and reappear back home in Fairborn Indiana. But they were not home they were in Wyoming trying to find their past, follow their dreams and face the present.
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